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For architects

You can only be limited by your imagination

Compact dimensions, modular structure and no need to build ventilation systems, give almost unlimited possibilities of arranging and building-in our fireplaces

We create our devices primarily with a view to cooperation with designers, interior architects, designers and developers. Thanks to an individual approach to each order, all our built-in devices can be freely arranged.


To ensure correct operation of the device, access to the electrical system is sufficient. There is no need for any complicated chimney installation system as in traditional wood or briquette-powered fireplaces.

Examples of arrangement options

with the use of built-in fireplaces

Arrangement examples

using modular bonding

Individual design

Run your imagination, the shape of the hearth depends on you

Would you like the flame to illuminate your company’s logo? Or maybe you would prefer a ball-shaped fireplace? Contrary to appearances, stone is a very flexible material. By activating your imagination, you can design the external appearance of the device and the shape of the hearth so that it fully blends in with your surroundings.