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Our brand


Biomo is quality and advanced technology

Rich functionality and modern design

Biomo is a team of enthusiasts and specialists focused on creating unique solutions for your interior. The Biomo brand was created out of passion and the need to meet the expectations of people who want to enjoy living fire in their surroundings, without the need to build the infrastructure necessary with the use of traditional fireplaces. We do not compromise. With our devices, we meet the expectations of those customers who appreciate the comfort of use and the joy of communing with the warmth of natural fire in every place.

At the same time, we make sure that our fireplaces provide comfort of use while maintaining the highest level of safety. We use a wide range of the latest technological solutions ensuring intuitive and easy operation. We implement our own, innovative, patented solutions, creating a unique product tailored to your needs. Sit comfortably in your favorite armchair and remotely control the fire using your smartphone.

We combine the latest technologies with tradition and art. We pay special attention to the aesthetics of workmanship, individual elements undergo thorough quality control. All our fireplaces are subject to precise mechanical processing, but above all, they are created by artists’ hands. The construction process involves both engineers and designers, programmers, architects, mechanics, stonemasons and engravers. Because we know how important your satisfaction is.

Each of our fireplaces

is hand-assembled and thoroughly tested to ensure

the highest quality and safety of operation

Interdisciplinary team of specialists

They take part in the construction of bio-fireplaces: architects, designers, engineers, programmers, mechanics and craftsmen


Each of our products is unique and original.

Because we know how important your satisfaction is.

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