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Our technology

Biomo – advanced technology that cares about your comfort and safety

The latest microprocessor solutions controlling the operation of the device


Automatic refueling

Safe, automatic tank filling system


Microprocessor technique

Comfort and safety thanks to the latest technologies


Quality control

A multi-stage quality control process for the final product

Microprocessor technique

Fire is a primary element, safety first of all. We use a number of proven solutions in our devices.


Watch Dog technology is a class of microprocessor systems that ensure reliability in all circumstances. On a daily basis, we use solutions used in medical equipment designed to work in operating rooms. Thanks to this, the devices we create are characterized by durability, precision and stability at the highest level. Our fireplaces are unique as their work is almost silent. Now you can silently contemplate the color of the flames illuminating your interior with warmth.


Highest quality

In the process of creating our fireplaces, we combine the latest technologies and noble materials of the highest quality


Laser cutting


Water jet cutting


Digital milling

We use the latest technology to build our devices. At every stage of production, we attach the highest importance to the quality of workmanship. Precise laser cutting, water jet cutting, computer-controlled milling machines, digitally supervised drilling and welding are just some of the technologies we use. However, we remember that the most important thing is man. Our team could not miss excellent designers, craftsmen and artists who give the final shape and character to our products.


There is always a person in the end


Before they reach you, our fireplaces are individually finished by craftsmen and artists. To make them even more special.