Biomo – automatic fireplaces – comfort and technology.

<p><center>Automatic free-standing bioethanol fireplaces</center>

Automatic free-standing bioethanol fireplaces

Comfort and flexibility of use in any place without the need to build a complicated ventilation infrastructure.

<p><center>Bioethanol fireplace insterts</center>

Bioethanol fireplace insterts

Flexibility and scalability mean unlimited possibilities of interior arrangement. Also perfect for replacing a traditional wood fireplace.

<p><center>Mobile app control</center>

Mobile app control

An intuitive application for Android and IOS that allows you to control the operating parameters of your fireplace.

Simple and convenient.

The combination of advanced technology
with intuitive operation

We create bio-fireplaces that harmonize with your surroundings, using the latest technologies for your comfort and safety. We know that the guarantee of satisfaction is intuitive, simple operation. We want our devices to allow you to derive real pleasure from communing with live fire, while ensuring the full safety of the user.

Biomo fireplaces provide comfort of use and the highest level of safety of use

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Watch Dog

Fully automated system for monitoring of all essential device parameters

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Efficient cooling for built-in fireplace

Cooling mechanism based on a set of heat sinks coupled with temperature control

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Automatic, safe refueling

Fully automatic, patented, overflow-safe refueling system