Free-standing fireplace Biomo Cube


Automatic system supervising
the operation of the
Biomo Cube device

chimney installation

Advanced and safe design
allows for use without
dedicated flue

safe refueling

Fully automatic,
patented, non-overflow
refueling system

Freedom of use
and automatic operation

High technology in a minimalist form

The Biomo Cube is an automatically refilled bioethanol fireplace. This is a proposal for those who appreciate the ease and speed of arrangement without the need to remodel the interior. Thanks to the free-standing structure, you can place the Cube in any place and enjoy the fire without carrying out expensive installation. You can move it to another place at any time because the Biomo Cube in the standalone version with Peltier module is a device that can work without external power.
The cube is made of high-quality granite or polished stainless steel, and its minimalist cubic design will be perfect for modern interiors.

Guarantee of safety
in everyday use

Safe fireplaces by Biomo

All Biomo fireplaces offer the highest level of safety thanks to advanced electronic safety systems, including the control of the filling of the tank and the furnace, constant monitoring of the temperature of the furnace and interior, as well as a gas sensor (bioethanol vapors, CO and CO2).
The free-standing Cube model is additionally equipped with shock and impact sensors, which turn the device off in the event of accidental collision, tilting or overturning.

Ecological fireplace
in your house

Environmentally friendly fireplaces

The Biomo Cube fireplace burns bioethanol and emits only water vapor and carbon dioxide during operation. Thanks to this, it does not require a special ventilation or chimney installation, and it is not covered by the successively introduced legal and ecological restrictions. The use of bioethanol as fuel means that the fireplace does not leave any impurities in the form of suspended dust, nor does it generate a carbon footprint, unlike traditional fireplaces.
At the same time, modern control electronics ensure very low power consumption during standby, and the autonomy module allows you to work without external power at all.

Maximum convenience
and ease of use

Easy to use fireplace

The Biomo Cube fireplace can be remotely controlled by a remote control or a special, proprietary Biomo Control application for iOS and Android smartphones. You can use them, to start and extinguish the fireplace, as well as regulate the height of the flame.
The very quiet operation of the device allows you to fully enjoy it on quiet evenings that the Biomo Cube will not disturb.
The Biomo Cube fireplace, like other Biomo fireplaces, is equipped with a built-in automatic refueling system that does not require an external pump.

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Biomo Cube fireplace

Arrange the space the way you want!

proprietary technology

Patent protected technology

Our devices use innovative, previously unused solutions, which are protected by patent applications. The domain of our products is unique design, created in cooperation with the best designers. That is why our fireplaces have been submitted to the Patent Office for patent protection and utility model registration.

More about technology

Fireplace control
through the app

A smart and safe solution

Biomo Cube fireplaces can be operated with a remote control, but also with a special Biomo Control application. It ensures full control over the operation of the fireplace and safety; The application can be paired with the Biomo Cube fireplace only by scanning the unique QR code placed on the purchased fireplace. Therefore, it is impossible to “take” control over its operation by outsiders who do not have physical access to the device. The application is available for smartphones with iOS (Apple) and Android systems.